The award winning Platinum Smart-Heat Electric range sets the benchmark by which all other outdoor heaters are measured. In terms of technology, design, power and efficiency there is nothing else that comes close.

The award winning Platinum Smart-Heat Electric range has been designed with low-clearance, semi-enclosed spaces in mind. Minimised light emissions and dedicated recess kits ensures The Platinum Smart-Heat Electric blends seamlessly into your environment.
Available in both black and white, the Platinum Smart-Heat Electric is the epitome of style and elegance without compromise.

Along with a corrosion proof 304 stainless chassis and Schott tinted ceramic-glass screen, our dedicated wall, ceiling and flush-mounting options allows subtle placement of this compact yet powerful heater practically anywhere. Elegantly understated to create comfort while blending into the environment, the Platinum Smart-Heat Electric delivers 25% more heat with a much smaller footprint that the best of our competitors.

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